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QbeamLab, the first powder bed electron beam 3D printer in China, is available

Time:2020-03-04 Views:909
Recently, QbeamLab, the first-generation open source electron beam metal 3D printer in China, was officially released at Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Lin Feng, Chief Scientist of Tsinghua University, He Yongyong, Executive Vice President of Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Science and Technology Commission of Toray District, Director of Management Committee of Huaming High-tech Zone, Fu Sheng, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC for Additive Manufacturing Industry Union executive secretary Li Fangzheng attended the conference.
Electron Beam Selective Melting (EBSM) Metallic 3D printing uses electron beams as the energy source to create solid parts by layer-by-layer melting of metal powders under high vacuum conditions. Due to the high electron beam power and high energy absorption rate of the electron beam, EBSM technology has the advantages of high component density, low oxygen content, low thermal stress, low deformation and cracking, low price of powder consumables and high printing efficiency. In particular, refractory hard-to-metal materials with 3D printing has unique advantages and applications, widely used in orthopedics, aerospace and other fields. For example, a number of domestic and foreign medical device companies including Icahn Medical have used EBSM to manufacture orthopedic implants such as the hip joint and vertebral body, and have successfully obtained FDA and CFDA medical registration certificates. GE companies using EBSM technology bulk production of titanium aluminum alloy low-pressure turbine blades, manufacturing costs close to the precision casting, weight reduction of 30%, will eventually replace all the cast blades, installed in the latest aircraft engines.
Open source electron beam 3D printer QbeamLab by the Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University hatching business - Qing Qing Zhisheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: the beam technology) released with core software independence, the key components of the module, Can be customized, process parameters open source, since the diagnosis of self-recovery, long-term stability and reliability.
You know, for a long period of time, most of the research and application of EBSM technology are based on imported equipment and platforms, and domestic self-equipment is in the blank. In 2004, the technical team led by Professor Lin Feng from Tsinghua University began to target EBSM technology and successfully developed EBSM-150, the first experimental system in China, and won the national invention patent. In 2015, more than ten years of technological achievements were transformed into the establishment of Zhishu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the completion of 10 million yuan of financing. Today, after many years of research and development, the QbeamLab, which is the first open-source electron beam metal 3D printing in China, was finally launched.
This reporter has learned that, QbeamLab equipment has been launched in 2017, has received four orders, including CSIC, Tianjin Vocational University and other famous enterprises and vocational colleges. It is worth mentioning that the first year of product launch to obtain a well-known overseas business orders, the successful realization of domestic high-end metal 3D printer exports. Conference, some of the parties such as Shaanxi Hengtong Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd., Hunan Ishu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed.